Production equipment

  The main reactor volume of 20 cubic meters, single kettle each batch can produce10-12 tons of resin. The reaction kettle adopts domestic advanced DCS control system, computer control of feeding, heating, reaction, dehydration, recorded the whole process of production. Liquid resin using automatic measuring barrel, into the cold storage or finished condensation tank farm storage. Type granulator for rotary with solid resin, and the ultra mill ground into a fine powder, granule orpowder by solid packing machine automatic metering and packing into the bag.

Detection equipment

  Investment of 20000000 yuan from the laboratory, the developed countries such as Germany, Japan and Switzerland purchase test equipment the most advanced,the main meteorological chromatography, liquid chromatography, infraredspectrum analyzer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, infrared moleculardetection instrument, moisture tester, pressure tester and other advanced instruments, and to develop a detection regulation of management system and scientific control point strictly, ensure the depth and precision of detection, a comprehensive product quality assurance.