Enterprise general programme


The general programme

Yushi giant culture center social commitment: eight win-win cooperation

Tak: refers to Yushi giant's spiritual beliefs and moral standards, on behalf ofYushi giant cultivation realm and generous tolerance. Yushi giant withbenevolence, good moral and noble personality and sentiment, and take this asthe candidate and the basic conditions. To be a qualified Yushi giants, the first is a virtue, is to abide by social morality and the occupation moral person. Yu Shigiant to Germany for the first, to German influence, through moral educationcontinuously, continuously improve the overall quality of Yushi giant team and social image, to create a highly cohesive and extraordinary excellence teamfighting capacity.

Loading: refers to Yushi giant lofty mission and values, representing Yushi giantbroad-minded and responsible spirit. Yu world giants to have the heart of tolerance, to be kind and generous, rich sense of responsibility, take on themselves, family, company, for customers, and even to the human progress on social responsibility. Yu Shi core value of giant, is to pay attention to theresponsibility, heavy responsibilities, dedication,DOSOMETHINPREVIOUSLYUNRELEASED.

Cooperation: refers to Yushi giant philosophy and business wisdom. Including the internal cooperation and external cooperation and internal cooperation including the cooperation of colleagues, cooperation between departments, various postsuntil all Yushi cooperation between the giants cooperation; external cooperation,including cooperation with customers and friendly unit cooperation, within the industry cooperation until extensive social cooperation. Yushi giant with open-minded and tolerant attitude to seek cooperation. Yu our pursuit of cooperation is a kind of in-depth cooperation, is a strategic cooperation, is to build theharmonious and efficient team cooperation, is promoting the construction of harmonious society is to achieve cooperation, win-win cooperation. As long as it is conducive to the common development, conducive to social progress and cooperation, Yu world giants will actively promote.

Win win: refers to target Yushi giant pursuit and purpose of struggle. Yushi giantSuntech Homme, shoulder the responsibility of selfless dedication, persist in taking the characteristics of cooperation in the road, relentlessly for customers,partners, employees, the company, create value for society, its ultimate goal is to realize the comprehensive and win-win. This win is all Yushi giants are all partners win-win, win-win situation, is the human society is a win-win situation, is the continuation and future oriented and win-win.

Yushi giant Culture Programme summarized as: virtuous, win-win cooperation;reflected: repair Houde body, carrying any, embrace the path of cooperation and seek win-win future.