Shandong Yushiju Chemical Co.,Ltd.


Shandong Yushi giant Chemical Co. Ltd. was established in 2011 August, is located in the famous town of jujube in Leling City, is a professional production ofphenolic resin comprehensive chemical enterprise. Company annual designphenolic resin production capacity of 200000 tons, mainly the production ofabrasives, friction material, coated sand casting, refractory material, electronicresin, building insulation materials with phenolic resin and so on six big series,more than 70 varieties, product sales network covering the whole country.

Shandong Yushi giant Chemical Co. Ltd. adopts the phenolic resin production equipment and technology is the most advanced, from raw material procurement to production and sales, in strict accordance with the refinement, standardization,standardization of the requirements, has passed ISO9001 quality managementsystem certification. Synthesis of phenolic resin imported from Germany, using the DCS computer operating system, precise control of feeding, temperature,catalyst, distillation, dehydration and other core process, and strictly control and inspection, to ensure that the indicators of the performance and stability of the product.

Shandong Yushi giant Chemical Co., the company has always been to product development and technology innovation as the driving force, has built the most advanced phenolic resin technology R & D center, the main test equipments are all imported from developed countries Switzerland, Germany, Britain, Japan and so on, and has a high level of education, technical ability, achievement of the R & D team in the industry, has been in the study on the synthetic technology, high performance phenolic resin preparation and application fields achieved fruitful results, received a total of achievement of innovation of science and technology80 multinomial.

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